Let's talk about sex

Let's talk about sex is a seven-part documentary in which Lieve Blancquaert talks to people worldwide about sexuality.

Tussen ons - Between us

The exhibition and documentary Between us: about living with an addiction by Lieve Blancquaert and Belgian production company De Chinezen.

5 dialogen - 5 dialogues

Lieve Blancquaert is fascinated by the ways emotions have been depicted for centuries. For this exposition, she looked for works from the collection of Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen that could enter into dialogue with her own work and made five intriguing combinations.

Hou me nog eens vast - Hold me once again

2020. The corona crisis is not over yet, but we are allowed to cuddle again. Lieve Blancquaert captures that first hug on photo and finds out what such a first hug in months does to a person.


APOPO saves lives by training animals to rid the world of landmines and tuberculosis.

Floods Vesdervalley, Belgium

Portraits of survivors of the floods in the Vesdervalley, Belgium.

Canon ambassador

Launched in 2008, the Canon EMEA Ambassador Programme is a pioneering initiative that brings together some of the world's best photographers and videographers from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to collaborate with Canon and share its passion for visual storytelling.

Ecce Homo of Ziedaar de mens - Ecce Homo or to behold the man

Suffering is of all times. Only the representation changes. For Museum M in Leuven, Lieve Blancquaert made the exhibition Ecce Homo or Ziedaar de mens in 2016. She sought to connect to the age-old tradition of depicting suffering.

Borstkanker - Breast cancer

Attachment Belgian newspaper De Morgen, September 2016.

Pers - Press


Dutch spoken theatre monologue for TAZ#2017

Kinshasa, Hospital


Facts, portraits and stories. The first complete overview of everything you ever wanted to know about breast cancer

Last Days

How the world says goodbye.

Wij zijn Europa - We are Europe

We are Europe is a six-part docu-series for Belgian Television Channel Canvas and will also be published as a book and be shown in an expo in 2024.

Circle of Life

The successful trilogy Birth Day, Wedding Day and Last Days is now brought together in Circle of Life, a timeless and unique exposition and book that are an ode to life in all its plenitude.

En toen was het stil - And then there was silence

3-part documentary series by photographer Lieve Blancquaert and director Nathalie Basteyns about the attacks in Brussels on 22nd of March 2016. (Production company De Mensen).

Birth Day

How the world welcomes its children.

In Godsnaam - In the name of God

Annemie Struyf returns to the convent in Brecht. In Godsnaam is published by Lannoo.


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Bancontact / MisterCash (NL)

A book in Dutch as a birthday gift for press- and customer relations.

Bancontact / MisterCash (FR)

A book in French as a birthday gift for press- and customer relations.

Stem Vrouw - Vote Woman

A 50/50 world calls for 50/50 policies.

Het laatste portret - The last portrait

The last portrait is a four-part documentary series about people facing the end of their lives and having a final portrait taken for Eén, Belgian Television, November 2023.

Born in Belgium

UZ Gent Hospital 2013

Uit één vinger valt men niet

Images from the Convent Minderbroedersklooster in Ghent in 2005 when it was closed. Poetry book in collaboration with Erwin Mortier.

Film van mijn leven - Film of my life

Documentary series on Canvas

Zondag gaat het gebeuren - Sunday it will happen

Documentary in the series 'Puur persoonlijk' on Canvas, Belgian television. In collaboration with director Joeri Vlekken.

Boeken - Books

Lieve Blancquaert made and participated in about twenty books. You can have a closer look at them here.

Mijn zachtste huid - My softest skin

My softest skin. About life with burns. A book in collaboration with the Belgian Burns Foundation, 2009.

Insjallah, mevrouw - Insjallah, Ms.

Book by journalist Annemie Struyf and photographer Lieve Blancquaert about their journey to Afghanistan in 2003.

Oxfam Fairtrade campagnes - Oxfam Fairtrade campaigns

Different campaigns for Oxfam Fairtrade portraying famous Belgians.

Kraambed Congo - Childbirth Congo

Documentary for the Series 'Vranckx', on Belgian Television Channel Canvas.


The genocide in 1995

Voorbij de grens - Beyond the border

The miraculous journey of 10 people beyond their disabilities, in Nicaragua.

Mijn status is positief - My status is positive

A book about HIV-positive people in collaboration with Annemie Struyf.


Polaroid pictures

Pano's – Belgian documentary series

Early work

Early work in Siberia, Poland and Germany.

Moeders - Mothers

Portret zwart wit - Portrait black and white

Vrouw - Woman

Vrouw. Woman. A book in collaboration with Betty Mellaerts.

Portretten in kleur - Portraits in colour

Niemand weet dat ik een mens ben - Nobody knows I am a human

Under age refugees and their story. 2010.

Mirakel nr. 71 – Miracle nr. 71

Miracle nr. 71 is a three-part documentary series that will appear on Belgian Television Channel Canvas in March 2023.